Our passion is making cheese.  

Cheese is one of nature’s mysterious miracles. Each and every cheese is unique. Even cheeses from the same recipe can vary by season, by the type of grass consumed by the dairy cattle, by batch, by day of the week and even by the mood of the cheesemaker. Creating and sharing these unique hand-made experiences with other cheese lovers is a delight.

We are committed to producing a high quality product that helps our local townspeople stay connected to their local dairy farms, while educating my customers in the wide variety and flavors of Italian cheeses.

We are also passionate about sustainable production. We will only use high quality milk, from trusted local dairies who practice sustainable farming and humane treatment of their dairy cattle. In addition, cheese produced with fresh, local milk not only helps support our local Essex County dairy farmers, but reduces our carbon footprint by limiting the environmental impact of transportation exhaust, noise and dirt. Another goal of ours is to ensure that as much bio-degradable and organic waste as possible from my production is provided to local composting programs.

We hope to have the pleasure of sharing Nature's miracle with you!